Tokyo Pot - Sushi Bars restaurant in Stillwater

      This place was great. Its a hot pot place and the prime rib was delicious. You can ask for a shrimp and steak option too since they get a lot of requests for it. I highly recommend this place. Its hard to find though since it was not on the main road

    thumb Vanessa R.

      This place is amazing. We got the Kobe, salmon, and Godzilla shrimp with the Mongolian broth. If you're new to hot pot, no problem! They give a great explanation of how to cook everything and what the best combinations are. If you're looking for a fantastic dining experience, look no further.

    thumb Jon S.

      Best restaurant in Oklahoma without a doubt. If you don't enjoy this place you need a taste-bud transplant. We drive form Tulsa just to eat here. Only complaint is that they are no longer open on New Year's Eve. This is our anniversary date and can no longer celebrate here.

    Tip: Make one broth pot extra spicy with extra garlic.

    thumb Joey B.

      Space here is tight, yes, so don't expect a grand and spacious venue. JUST DON'T.

    This is a wonderful little locally owned restaurant that is well worth every penny you spend here -- without fail.

    Is it expensive? No, the prices are unbelievably reasonable -- especially for the quality of food you get in a town not really known for, uh, culinary delights. (Let's face it: MOST STILLWATER EATERIES REALLY AREN'T THAT GOOD. It's just a fact.)

    I took my entire staff here for a meal of shabu-shabu, and each and every one of them had a freakin' BALL. (They still ask, "When are we going back to Stillwater for Japanese food at that little tiny joint downtown?" Seriously.)

    I just can't say enough good things about this place, and strongly encourage you to take my advice and give it a shot.

    thumb Matt M.

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