Tokyo Pot - Sushi Bars restaurant in Stillwater

      Sad to see that Dean does not own Tokyo Pot , but NOTHING has changed. STILL an awesome dinner, great atmosphere, great service and will come back again from Kansas City to enjoy this place. We met an old friend that has never been to this hidden gem and she swears that she will be back here with her business clientele. Thank you for another great dinner!!!

    thumb Patrick L.

      Very good food, very friendly staff.  If you don't mind bad breathe-ask for the after work broth.  Also, the owner makes a "no name sauce" that isn't on the menu.  It is pretty spicy, but I like it more than the regular spicy sauce.

    thumb Stephen J.

      Space here is tight, yes, so don't expect a grand and spacious venue. JUST DON'T. (You CAN expect a fun and quirky bit of ambience, though.)

    This is a wonderful little locally owned restaurant that is well worth every penny you spend here -- without fail.

    Is it expensive? No, the prices are unbelievably reasonable -- especially for the quality of food you get in a town not really known for, uh, culinary delights.

    (Let's face it: MOST STILLWATER EATERIES REALLY AREN'T THAT GOOD. It's just a fact. It's great to see this sparkling little gem for the definite exception it is.)

    I took my entire staff here for a meal of shabu-shabu, and each and every one of them had a freakin' BALL. (They still ask, "When are we going back to Stillwater for Japanese food at that little tiny joint downtown?" Seriously.)

    The dessert options at Tokyo Pot are limited but tasty. (But who the hell even THINKS about dessert as a priority when dining at a good Japanese joint? C'mon, people. Let's be honest here.)

    ONLY ONE COMPLAINT: The website's a hot mess of PDF files, and it could stand a LOT of work. (That aside, though, I don't need to use the website since I've been to the restaurant itself.)

    I just can't say enough good things about this place (shitty website aside) and strongly encourage you to take my advice and give it a shot if and when you're in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

    thumb Matt M.

      So here I was a few days ago trying to think of a place to take my wife for our anniversary. We've eaten just about everywhere along the main streets of Stillwater, and we had already resigned to the idea of leaving town for our big date. I went to Yelp for some ideas and ran across Tokyo Pot - which until then I didn't even know existed. I thought I'd give it a try.

    It's definitely a hole in the wall type of place. We drove by it a couple of times before the art on the exterior wall caught our attention. We arrived just as the place opened, which was fortunate because we didn't have a reservation and it filled up very quickly.

    Our waitress was very friendly, patient, and helpful through our first hot pot experience. She explained the whole process to us and helped us with our order. When our food arrived - which was a pretty substantial amount of food - our waitress walked us through how to cook our food. She checked back with us often to adjust the temperature on our pot and to keep us full of rice. She was very attentive, and made our experience so much better.

    The food was amazing! We got the mongolian broth with the prime rib and seafood plates. There was more than enough meat, vegetables, and rice to fill us up. All the food was absolutely delicious. There was enough food to experiment with different cooking times and flavors.

    Overall, it was by far the best dining experience I've had in a long time. I would definitely recommend Tokyo Pot to anyone looking for something 'different'.

    thumb Roger C.

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